merits list


Reflexive Action On any roll involving Dexterity or a Dexterity Skill/Power, you may add 1 die. 2 dice if Willpower is used. 25

Versatility With this merity you may use another attribute to boost a skill in leu of another, i.e.dexterity to use a skill but only have strenght, roll strength. 15

Push It Roll an extra die on an extended action at the cost of double the penalty. 15

Half-Blooded You have a watered down version of a template, but retain all human features and appearance. 40

Powered By Hate Your hatred is so strong, it overwhelms every sense and grants you extra power against your target. Refer to ST for specifics. 30

Remarkable Talent You are talented at many skills, and have a knack for things. Add 3 more specialties to your talent pool and one dot to your lowest talent with dots. 45

Mystical Aptitude You are no longer a sleeper to the world of magic, but you gain no other benefits than being immune to paradox. 30

Space Geek You specialize in astral physics and quantum theory, in addition to skill specialty, this also provides an equipment competency bonus, refer to ST. 35

Combat Mastery You have mastered a combat art, melee or ranged, to the point of being beyond the skill of most other humans. 6th and 7th dots. 60/80

Shadow of a Doubt Your soul is tainted by the umbra, either by having fought so many of them, or being in their realm for too long. Take minor damage from umbral. 60

Ever Ready Defense You have been trained at length on the martial defensive stances and how to use them. Add 2 to your Defense and 1 to your Armor. 45

merits list

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