I'm a Ghost character

The Ghost

You died…you died and there was nothing. The place where the dead were supposed to dwell is darkness wrapped in blackness. You know you exist, you know because your still able to wonder where you are. There is no cold, no warmth. The sheer nothingness is almost more than you can bare, and just when you think that this will be the forever that you have been banished to…something grabs you. It feels like a suction, like a black hole has opened above you and is rushing you away from your nightmare of forever nothingness. A feeling of acceleration begins to propel you forward…out you tumble out of a deserted alley in a deserted city around a deserted country on top of a deserted world…only a beam of light in front of you illuminates your surroundings. Then you feel them, coalescing around you, trying to envelope you into their darkness. A voice rings out in your head “RUN YOU FOOL, IT’S GOING TO EAT YOU!” and immediately you feel just how close to final death you just came as your legs begin the journey away for you. Towards the light you run, only to see that a massive ship is beginning the final stages of launch as a last couple of shambling human figures make their way onto the gangway. You are suddenly overcome with a crowded feeling as legs that are not yours begin to tumble faster and faster towards the loading bay. Before you can formulate the thought of a question, something seems to answer you “We commandeered this body to escape this now doomed planet, shut up and wait your turn!” as you are enveloped by the light of the docking bay, you pass out.

Haunting and Specters || Ghost Powers and Their Place


I'm a Ghost character

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