Chapter 2

Mars Awakened: Chapter II

Farewell Old Friend, Greetings Traveler

The rumble is only barely palpable, almost impossibly destructive and yet only a low hum reverberates on the canyon walls many miles away. The rubble below that was once rock is being slowly decimated into red dust. The remaining dust lifts slightly from the ground as if pushed up by an invisible force below it. The craft itself, a behemoth of smoothly layered technology and cool lights descends lower and lower until it seems to settle on the dust just floating above the ground. Tim looks on, unimpressed…bored even. Purple and green beams of light coalesce around you in shimmering rings of obstructing light and you start to feel like you’re being lifted off the surface. Seconds later you are no longer obstructed by the light and can see that you’re in some kind of cargo or weapons bay. Large tank-like vehicles line on the bulkheads of the ship with racks of what could only be described as melee and energy weapons. Suits of armor line the back wall. There seems to be no door in the room and the plating on the ceiling has an effect of seeming higher up than it is. The floor is smooth slabs of some sort of marble-like steel.

“This must be the outfitting hanger, seems they were unsure what to do…I would assume it is to show that they trust us enough to put us in with their weapons” Tim starts, “Touch nothing.” He adds as he moves towards one of the tanks.

Chapter 2

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