We open the scene on Earth…

It is a little further into a very dark future than this present day. The United States has continued its war on terror. For added support, Canada and Mexico have united with the U.S. to form a new world super-power. China, North Korea, and The Middle East have started what is being called “World War III”. All available personnel are being shunted into the war effort. The draft has been re-instated and there is no such thing as a cushy corporate job anymore. Masses of people are disenchanted and disheartened to the point of the world suicide rate climbing exponentially. People believe it is the end times…little could they have known.

Below are some expanded charts, tables, and information sources for your prospective character in the campaign. House rules are also included in this section, but you may wish to refer to the house rules section itself if you are unable to find a suitable ruling.

I’m a No Template character || I’m a Skeezy Mage type || I’m a Ghost character

I’m a Dirty Vampire type || I’m a Foolish Werewolf type || I’m a Faye character

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