Welcome to the New World of Darkness campaign called Mars Awakened. This campaign is based around the idea of putting the World of Darkness into the far reaches of space. The back story is basically that the Umbra has swallowed the Earth whole and you and your party have been transported to the last bastion of safety and freedom in the Milky Way: Mars.

Some templates have been tweaked to mash with the mechanics of the chronicle. New items and races have been added for story fulfillment.

This campaign is built to be able to allow in any character from any part of the world of WoD including: Vampire, Werewolf, Changeling, Promethean, Mage, and introduces a multitude of monsters, aliens, and Psionics.

This is a high-power campaign, full of player dependent plot devices and starts at 400-point character generation once the second chapter begins.



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Monsters of Shadow and Umbra

Mars Awakened